Hardware Services


    Hardware As A Service (HAAS)

    Eliminate the expense of keeping your hardware up to date.

    How many of your workstations or other pieces of equipment are out of date and due to be refreshed? If you are like other small businesses, you more than likely have a couple of clunkers that could be replaced. Many times it’s postponed due to the capital expense of buying new hardware, but eventually you’ll begin to see it affect your company’s efficiency. Inefficiency that results from malfunctioning or antiquated hardware will cost you more in downtime than you may realize. With Lantek’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution, you don’t have to worry about failing hardware.

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    Solutions for Failing Computer Hardware

    Malfunctioning computer hardware presents major issues for business.

    Computer malfunctions can be terribly frustrating. When your hardware does break, Lantek provides comprehensive computer and IT repair services that is designed to remedy any of your organization’s technology defects. Whether it’s hardware or software, servers or workstation, we’ll fix it or find you a new one.

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    cabling services

    Lantek’s Cabling and Wiring Professionals

    We connect your business, so you can connect to your customers.

    At Lantek, we understand how important a properly planned and executed computing infrastructure is to your business. Our knowledgeable and trustworthy IT technicians are well known in the Pennsylvania area for providing thorough wiring and cabling expertise that will meet your company’s infrastructure needs. Our technicians are versed in industry best practices in regards to network mapping, setup, and management.

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    internet router

    Expand Your Infrastructure with Wireless Deployment Services

    Accomplish more with wireless access technology.

    Granting yourself and your users the ability to step away from the desk to meet and collaborate can increase productivity, and when everybody can be on the network with their laptops or tablets, you can get even more done. However, store-bought commercial wireless routers aren’t really designed to handle the traffic your business needs, nor do they have the security in place to keep your activity safe.

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    Lantek Provides Dynamic Technology Solutions

    At Lantek, we excel in turning to new technology to create enhanced operational efficiency for our clients’ businesses.

    By partnering with world class hardware and software manufacturers like HP, we can use our expertise to drive that efficiency because we have access to proven technology solutions that work for business.

    As a business technology provider, it’s essential for us to be able to provide our clients with products that we feel gives them the best chance of success. HP is the world’s largest computer manufacturer and has a long history of developing technology and distributing products that excel on all levels of business computing. With the full array of products aimed at providing businesses with every computing option their company could possibly need, Lantek is proud to be the top official HP dealer in the Pennsylvania area. With our consultants and HP computing solutions on your side, you have a superior team assisting you meet your company’s technology needs.

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    server migration

    Server Migration Services

    Don’t let old hardware or unsupported software take down your business.

    Servers can have many functions, and there are many reasons you may need to migrate your severs. Whether it be a strategic move to a hosted computing environment, dealing with a data loss incident, moving servers to enhance business intelligence, or to build a simpler computing construct, migration is an extremely detailed process – one that requires the knowledge and expertise of a trained IT professional to provide.

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